Improved employee performance drive success and profitability. Which is why companies spend millions on motivation programs that are designed to solidify morale and boost employee engagement. However, most motivation programs fail, thus wasting those millions of dollars spent by companies.

The promise of improved performance

The primary goal of motivational programs is to change the behavior of each employee by encouraging or enticing them to act a certain way to achieve a collective goal. Motivation in the workplace usually comes in the form of tangible or intangible incentives. The idea is that the more enticing the incentive is, the better the employee should behave or perform.

Why most motivational programs fail

There are a number of reasons why motivational programs fail. The operative word is “program.” As such, they are only effective as long as they continue. But what happens then when the program is terminated? Can the company expect the employee to continue to exhibit enhanced and motivated behavior?

On the surface, the promise of a gleaming reward is enticing and may motivate some employees to work harder and achieve more. But surprisingly, studies have shown that rewards are not the most important thing to employees. Some are motivated to do their best because of an unseen commitment that the employee holds dear. And the reward may be enticing to some, but undesirable to others.

If the motivation program is not structured correctly, it can lead to cheating. Employees may be encouraged to deceive or cut corners just to achieve the coveted reward. And because it fosters cheating, teamwork tends to be destroyed.

Poorly designed motivation programs discourage autonomy, innovation, risk-taking, and creativity, traits that most experts agree as necessary for improving productivity and profitability. Think of Google and the time they give their employees to create something innovative. Programs may encourage employees to work harder, but not smarter.

Worst of all, poorly designed motivation programs ironically decrease motivation. They tend to reward only the top performers, leaving the underperforming employees feeling more demotivated for failing to win the race.

The hope brought by Strategic Incentives

But all hope is not lost. There is a better and more strategic way of improving employee performance. There are motivation programs out there that not only make your employees work harder, but that also make them work smarter.

Strategic Incentives introduces a revolutionary way of incentivizing employees with unique programs that fit your company and your employees. We provide customized programs to serve your company’s unique motivational needs.

Strategic Incentives offers incentive consulting services that help you look into and analyze how your past and present incentive programs are working out for you and your employees. We use  proprietary quantitative incentive models that help us design the most effective incentive program based on your team’s profile. We will also work closely with you to come up with and implement short-term and long-term incentive programs that foster stronger teamwork and create a smarter workforce.

For more information on Strategic Incentives’ unique motivational programs, call 888-686-8116 or visit our web site at

About Strategic Incentives: Strategic Incentives is a leading nationwide provider of employee motivationprograms. The company works with HR managers to implement sales incentive programs and safety incentivesto retain employees, and loyalty programs to build customer relationships.  Visit the website at to download a complimentary PDF of “35 Ways to Use Incentive Programs.” “Like” the Facebook page to receive regular updates on sales incentives and promotional ideasCall 888-686-8116 for more information on creating an in-depth performance improvement plan.


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