Employee engagement programs need not be complicated and expensive to get your employees “involved in a genuine way.” Here are five simple ways leaders can achieve genuine engagement among employees.

5 Ways Leaders Achieve Genuine Employee Engagement

Employees are still the most important resource in a company. Even today, as businesses rely more on more on automation to carry out processes and transactions, employees remain the most important resource for driving a company forward.

Genuine employee engagement is a key issue that needs to be addressed quarterly within a company’s strategic plan, because genuine engagement among employees drives productivity, increased customer satisfaction, reduced attrition, and improved profitability.

Studies have shown that disengagement is crippling many businesses all over the country. And it seems that despite the increase in services that aim to increase employee morale and engagement, many companies see a rise in employee turnover and a decrease in productivity in some key areas.

Engaging employees is never easy. The key is to engage them in a “genuine” manner that helps them stay motivated for longer periods of time.

Employee engagement programs need not be complicated and expensive to get your employees “involved in a genuine way.” Here are five simple ways leaders can achieve genuine engagement among employees:


Engage from the Top

One of the most powerful ways to get your employees involved in every aspect of your company is to get your company’s leadership rank engaged. This will show your employees that their leaders “walk their talk” and that they genuinely believe in what the company stands for. The energy that leaders demonstrate in making sure that they themselves possess the characteristics everyone else is being asked to show will trickle down to each employee. This helps them stay more focused and more likely to stay longer.

Hands Together

Engage right from the start

Nothing kills engagement quite like filling a new employee with tons of work from day one. That day is crucial for every new employee, as it is the day when they need to get a feel for the company they hope to work in for the next couple of months or years. Remember, first impressions last. Help new employees ease into their new job by feeding their enthusiasm with things like getting to know the people they’d be working with and assigning a mentor to assist them.

Smiling faces

What do their jobs stand for?

People like to feel important. Help each employee determine the meaning of their work. They may not be working on solving the world’s biggest problems, but they are certainly contributing something towards the company’s success and profitability. Which is why it is crucial that your company’s value and mission must be clear to them and that they know how their respective tasks are contributing towards achieving the company’s goals.

Excited Employee

Help them achieve success each day

After the value of the work they do has been made clear to each employee, help them achieve success each day. Each success doesn’t have to be monumental. They can be a small progress that should be pointed out to them. You may also provide the tools and resources needed for them to succeed or allow them to have enough autonomy to be able to achieve things on their own. Sometimes, being simply there for them is enough to feel that they are supported.

Be genuine

Perhaps this is the most important aspect of achieving genuine engagement among employees. People are real, and they need real connections and relationships with their leaders to foster trust that nurtures productivity and creativity. Strive to show your human side to your employees every now and then in order to build a stronger and lasting relationship with your employees.

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