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Engage your teams, departments, or individual employees with rewarding them for their hard work and reaching company goals. We can work together to set the goals, create a system, choose + customize the products, define a communication process, and maintain order fulfillment.


Whether it’s an employee’s birthday, anniversary, retirement, or any other special occasion; recognize them in a way they will be proud of their work life. And hey, they may even share about their amazing gift to others. See employee retention rise and have more to offer when recruiting new talent.


In today’s promo world, the products just keep getting better. From new clever gadgets to refining the expected swag, we just dig making attractive custom gear. We research the best options for the purpose at hand and create branded mockups to bring your vision to life. Take a look at our collection of product examples here.


Not only do internal company stores allow your employees to choose their favorite products and work towards achieving them, they help your brand awareness grow. We can build a customize site to match your brand, create personal accounts for employees, manage the overall process, and provide excellent customer service for ALL online store inquires.


With 20+ years of industry experience, Startinc. has now designed a complete logistic program that is product to  doorstep through our own management and storage options. We’ve built strong relationships with an array of distributors and constantly work with them to execute orders within your timeline.


With our experience managing big corporation needs, we have a reliable team that allows you to focus on bigger and better things. Our process allows our clients to collaborate on each step of the way without worrying about the back-end details. Find out more today, contact us!

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Develop Rewarding Programs

Hard work deserves recognition. We can structure a rewarding + gifting system that best fits your needs. Employees can earn points, reach specific set goals, or receive options for milestone gifts. Managers can participate by having the ability to choose recipients because of their performance.

Design Custom Products

BBQ sets, yoga balls, sunglasses, corporate gifts, accessories, apparel, electronics, and more — you name it! Provide a wide selection to see more interest from your colleagues... from everywhere!

Build Online Stores

With our dedicated developers we can build custom online stores molded to match your brand and produce an easy-going seamless shopping experience.

Engage employees

Employees can receive notifications, announcements, and have access to their own account to keep track of their awards, to purchase items, and select their favorites to work towards. It's a win-win situation.

Renew Inventory

Your company (and earth) are always evolving, therefor, so will your promo inventory. We can work together on rotating in specific holiday gifts, seasonal selections, trending products, or items that compliment an upcoming campaign or event.

See positive Results

Once applying incentives + recognition + having one-of-a-kind swag, you'll watch the company-wide morale and productivity rise. Employees will be proud to wear and talk about their well-earned items.

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